Monday, December 1, 2014

Fun with Folktales--India

We have been enjoying digging into the Indus River Valley civilization! We have learned about the caste system and how religious beliefs influenced their society. Last class we had a reader's theater and learned about the Gifts of Wali Dad. (Find it here: http:// )

Everyone picked one or two tales they wanted to read and prepare to share with the class this Thursday. If you can't find your paper, you can use the links below. Feel free to be as creative as you would like! (Puppet show, story book, retelling, newscast, etc) 

See you in class!

What Makes an Eclipse -- Chandler

How Thunder and Lightening were made -- Brandon

Story of the Pole Star--Merri

Why the parrot calls the name of Ram--Avery

How the stork got his long neck--Avery

Why snakes have forked tongues--Hunter

Story of the Haunted Jars--Ethan

An Unsolved Riddle--Fischer

Talkative Tortoise--Zane

Dilemma of a Pious Man--Nic

Dean--I didn't have you written down for one, but you can pick one of these:

Sage and the Mouse

How the Squirrel got his stripes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Welcome to Ancient India

We had a fascinating week watching some video clips that introduced us to Ancient India. Though there are many things we don't know about it, many of its accomplishments were impressive. We also learned about Hinduism and how it influenced life in the past as well as today. The caste system was also introduced using chocolate. Sorry Untouchables! At least everyone will remember the class. Emoji This coming week we will be exploring more about the culture using stories so come prepared to act things out!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Egypt presentations

Last week we had some great presentations on Daily Life (Dean), Animals (Trinity), and Arts and Recreation (Hunter). I also passed out materials to put together the game Senet. Please bring it with you this week so we can play in class after the rest of the presentations. (Reminder: they were asked to learn about a prepare a short--1-2 minutes--presentation on their assigned aspect of Ancient Egyptian civilization.) 

Social Classes – 
Food/Agriculture – Chandler
Architecture – Ethan
Religion -- Merry
Animals – Trinity (DONE)
Tools/Weapons – Zane
Government – Avery
Inventions – Fischer aka Bob
Daily Life – Dean (DONE)
Arts & Recreation – Hunter (DONE)
Clothing -- 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week Three--Hammurabi's Code

Teacher April started class by showing a fun video about life in Mesopotamia, then we had fun hearing from some of the class members about the Ancient Mesopotamian topic they researched. Then it was all about Hammurabi's Code. I think most of us are glad we didn't live 4000 years ago! For this week, please be prepared to present your topic to the class if you haven't already. Also, read through the cases and be prepared to act them out since you will be the judge this Thursday!


Trinity-- money 


Dean--roads and bridges

Merry--laws and government





Fischer (aka Bob) -- tools/weapons




Monday, September 22, 2014

Week Two--How civilized are we?

This week we talked about 8 characteristics of a civilization: Writing system, Infrastructure (roads and bridges),  Government/Laws, Art/Architecture, Social Classes, Organized Religion, Job Specialization,  and Development of Cities. We also talked about the important role barley played in ancient Mesopotamia. (Hint: it led to cuneiform!) We reviewed an example of the Sumerian "Alphabet" and then everyone attempted to create a message in cuneiform on his or her own clay tablet.

Assignment for this Thursday--Learn about and be prepared to explain briefly (1-2 minutes) about an aspect of Mesopotamian civilization. You can draw a picture, write a paragraph, build something out of legos, wear something...follow your imagination (after doing some research about your topic). Here is what everyone chose:

Dean--roads and bridges
Merry--laws and government
Fischer (aka Bob) -- tools/weapons

We missed Avery and Trinity! You two are free to pick another aspect of society and share it with us (some ideas are religion, writing, trade, money, etc)

See you this Thursday!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week One

We had a fun time stretching our memories to remember everyone's names as well as learning about our one class rule: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. (I love Aretha Franklin and I'm not afraid to sing!) Then we spent some time talking about what happened in 79 AD involving 4-6 meters. (Hint: Mt. Vesuvius) After checking out a sample of ash, everyone shared three things you would learn about them if their bedroom as they left it Thursday before FILA was covered up to the ceiling in ash. 

Next was an excursion outside to unearth some artifacts before finishing up class talking about why people went from being nomadic hunter-gatherers to settling in what became several great civilizations. Stay tuned for some exciting classes this semester!

Homework: Color code the map in the handout and be prepared to discuss questions 1-3.